Prodigy Released Feb 2, 2022!

We're happy to announce that Prodigy has launched! We have a good base for a game in this release and have roadmapped some great features for the future. Features
Vault Inventory + Text Mesh Pro makes for some fantastic UI spaces.
Prodigy features robust characters, attributes, inventory, abilities, locomotion, enemy AI, damage pips, game ui, weapons, a game design dashboard, a database, many useful game scripts, merchants, shop systems, currencies, optimized healthbars, shaders, custom character models, animations, and more!
As you can see here our heroine has been Zerg'd.
Prodigy comes with a fantastic demo including assets contributed by top talent on the Asset Store! Featuring glimmering environment art by TriForge, fantastical special effects by ArchanorVFX and the crisp audio of Cafofo - just import the project, open the demo, and enjoy!
When you're ready for more, you can easily purchase their full art packs from the Asset Store and extend the demo as your own project with high quality art content!
Includes full access to our product suite for free
Prodigy includes backwards upgrades for free to all of the included products in our lineup! Just head to the store after purchasing Prodigy and you'll see a FREE claim button for these assets: