Smart UI handler

Vault Inventory handles all of the Data and UI requirements for Inventory in your game. By default you can do many standard operations to manage inventories, use the hotbar and equip items onto your character.
Move items by dragging them with the mouse.
Move items by clicking endpoints with the mouse.
Move items with a controller by choosing two endpoints.
Use built-in context menu actions to perform operations on your inventory. Split, Drop and Use are built in defaults.
A single A->B operation handler decides the best operation to perform.
Merge item stacks with no effort.

Full Controller support

Using Unity's New Input System you can expect all basic operations and interfaces necessary are covered and supported, including operations like the OnDrag, OnSubmit, and OnPointerClick callbacks. If you run into a situation that the API doesn't cover then you can simply override the class and safely add your own solution alongside the existing code. The code supports almost all inputs simultaneously with minimal pre-configuration.

Full Network Sync

Using Mirror or FishNet you can sync all Inventory data over the network. A custom NetworkImposter layer is available as a fallback that will cause the system to operate as a normal offline game without any need to change code. Importing either system is automatically engaged by using their appropriate compiler define symbols.

Highly Extensible

A strong emphasis was put on extendability and creating a flexible API for others to work with. There are plenty of useful callbacks, virtual methods, abstract classes and lots of room to grow. If you need to implement some custom functionality for your project you're sure to find something to make it easy.

Robust Example Demo

The included example demo covers all features and presents a ready to go, simple buildable game without creating too much noise for you to go through when you start implementing it into your own project.

Easily Stripped

Want just the barebones? All extra content is organized under a single /Example/ folder for easy stripping when you're ready to branch out on your own and remove the example content.

Battle Tested

We use our own tools in all of our projects where they apply. Prodigy uses the entire Ecosystem of our products. We've used Vault Core to help with industrial simulations. We're actively using Prodigy along with all of our tools in a 2023 game for Nintendo Switch and Steam. We've been working with Unity since 2010 and we've been on the Asset Store since 2015. Our products have been featured in many official sales through the years and we have an established reputation in the Unity community.

Live Support

We have a live support Discord server gated by an invoice verification bot so only verified paying users are in the product chat and support channels. If you find bugs or just need some help with something we're available to help. Many bugs are resolved this way and many features are prioritized based on user comments - your feedback is appreciated!