Limitations and Bugs

Known Limitations

  • Vault Core: If you import DataEntities from other places there may be DbKey overlap. This could also be the case when merging gits. We're working on built in resolutions for this.
  • Networking: Mirror uses OnPostProcessScene to disable NetworkIdentity objects. In the Editor, Unity calls this after the Awake() function, however in the build it is called before the Awake() function.
  • Vault Core: Vault has a blacklist in the VaultFilterColumn class to avoid excessive computation time on assemblies. There is no reason there should be any DataEntity members in these spaces, but if your class is ignored then you can modify the blacklist.

Headless Server

Headless is not supported out of the box, but it's not too hard to make work for your project. You can follow some basic principles and know how Mirror/FishNet is going to react to being a headless non-client. Basically, just separate client and server code more than usual.
  • Any isServer check in OnClient[...] methods should be moved to OnServer[...] methods. It will never evaluate true in any client methods while headless so there's no reason to use it there.
  • isClient will always be false on the server. You shouldn't need to use it in the server code path unless you're doubling up Client/Server exec in that method, which you should avoid doing.
  • For new code, write explicit Server code that is executed through normal OnServer[...] calls or tagged with [Server] instead of doubling up with isServer checks in Client calls - which would normally work fine for Host architecture.
  • Make sure to initialize Inventories on the server before the client makes any queries to a class.

Known Issues

Please report bugs via Discord.
  • The Asset Column always highlights something, even if it's the wrong one, such as when changing the Type.
  • If the Asset Column is highlighting the index you want after changing the Filter Column type (the issue above), you must double click it to refresh the Asset Inspector as opposed to single clicking.
  • Script field in the inspector cannot be clicked. (UI Toolkit limitation)
  • Breadcrumb bar does not update name of item.
Most known issues stem from UI Toolkit being functionally lacking and incomplete. As they become more functional, issues can be resolved.