SRP Policy


Unless noted otherwise, all of our projects are built on the standard built in pipeline and we do not offer non-enterprise support for issues that stem from using SRP.

We will mature our Universal Render Pipeline (URP) solution and stabilize the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). Our long-term goal with our rendering pipeline is to have complete interoperability with all Unity features so there will be one way to build your scene with an ecosystem of tools to support users.

-- Unity Tech ( Source )

Until SRP is a reputable system, we see it as a low value, high cost investment. Our Render Pipeline recommendation is the following:

In summary, you are always safe using Built In. None of our content user SRP, so we cannot help you with setting it up in your projects or resolving problems that SRP causes in your projects. If you are a solo dev you will waste more time trying to maintain and fix SRP than you will actually working on your game.

HDRP is only useful for either small art exposé or teams with dedicated low level graphics programmers on them and unusual art requirements. Don't expect to be able to update SRP safely as there are regularly huge pivots from Unity which break the entire system.

Also note that due to the poor architecture of SRPs there will be significantly less Art content available and working out of the box on the Asset Store, just in case you planned to leverage it for your project's art needs.

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