Design - Structure

This explains the structure of components.

Getting Attributes onto an Agent is easy.

Relevant Components

AgentAttributes, AgentVitals, AttributePreset,

Typical Setup

  1. Create an AttributePreset in the Vault Dashboard. Configure it as you wish.

  2. Add AgentAttributes and AgentVitals components to a GameObject.

  3. Point the AgentAttributes to the AttributePreset you've made in the Vault.

  4. Profit.

Scenario A (ideal)

Structure :

  • Scene GameObject "Player Bob" (YourPlayerClass)(AgentAttributes) (AgentVitals) where YourPlayerClass implements IAttributeUser.

That's it, you're done. If you're using Mirror then the complier directives will automatically enable the networking code for AgentVitals.cs (incomplete feature as of 2/2021). Just make sure you properly interact with the server/client in your own code.

Refer to the the In Concept and In Practice page for more information.

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