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What is this thing?

To be simple: It is a character stat system.

Traditionally in games there's a lot of (STR, END, WIS) stats that are calculated by what level you are and the character's disposition toward those stats. The system is basically designed to fill that role. It entirely manages the modifiers and values of the stats.

If you want to take it at face value, just use it for that and go wild. It's super performant and easy to use.

To be more robust: It is a data growth management system. Use cases might include things like...

  • Character Perks

  • Skill Tree Investment Values

  • Individual Traits

  • Active Modifier system

You can do whatever. It does one basic thing: It safely manages the value of some 'topic' for you based on growth rates and external offsets. We hope you find it useful, and we're eager to hear about how you use it! If you have feedback, we would love to hear about it on Discord.

Pleasant adventures, - Lane

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