Getting Started With 'That Hurt!'

So you want totally sweet Damage Floaties, huh?

Of course you do and now it's easier than ever! Here's the secret code you need:

ThatHurt.Pop(worldPosition, damage);

That's it! You're done! Enjoy!

Okay, maybe there's a tiny bit more

The way the system works is it uses a runtime component to handle the configuration of the floaties. Stuff like how long they live, how fast they are, what direction they go in, how they fade out... Mostly a fewCurve fields and a couple of Vector3 fields for the spacial things.

Here's what it looks like:

This is required for every scene you want floaties to be able to function in. However you decide to manage that in your project, simply make sure it's available throughout your runtime session and there is only one copy of it at a time.

Once the runtime component is in there and has a reference to the Floatie Prefab, UI Canvas and Camera then you're basically ready to go. Just call the code above and boom, you've got floaties. Check out the example scenes if you're not clear on anything.

Pleasant adventures, - Lane

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